Relationships are at the heart of everything we believe in.

Through connecting with the world around them, children can discover and nurture the essence of their own being. Collaborative partnerships within our community, aim to foster a shared language of love, kindness and respect, allowing us to know our families and nourish their cultural identity. Through an environment rich in authentic relationships, children are emotionally fulfilled and ready to delight in a journey of learning and self-discovery.

Bumblebees Whitford - Philosophy
Bumblebees Whitford - Philosophy



We believe curiosity is the driving force of learning

Thoughtfully questioning individuals who are passionately curious, playfully resourceful and relentless in their quest for understanding, are who we believe will leave a positive footprint on the world.

Curiosity is fostered through an environment rich in opportunities, time and space, and nurtured by loving teachers.

We are born with multiple intelligences, and multiple ways of expressing ourselves, and we believe in empowering children to explore and embrace these through their learning journey.



We believe in nourishing the earth, to in turn nourish our bodies.

Nutritional health and physical well-being are nurtured in our community, through our sustainability efforts and menus.

Wholesome meals are lovingly prepared for our growing children. In growing our own gardens we are learning how to nourish our bodies and live sustainably, while fostering connections with the land and respect for the earth.

Bumblebees Whitford - Philosophy

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